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Ivory Lace Blouse

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Think of this beautiful ivory lace blouse as the stylish addition to your wardrobe that goes with almost anything. The light, elegant style combined with a soft, innocent ivory color makes it easy to pair this blouse up with almost anything in your wardrobe to create a fashion ensemble that can be worn all year round.

In the warmer weather, this lace blouse can be worn with a pair of white or navy shorts to create a fun, fashionable outfit that is perfect for spring or summer. If you want to have a little feminine flare, consider opting to wear a fun, flowing A-line skirt instead of a pair of shorts.

When the temperatures start to drop, this lace blouse can be used to create a stylish layered look that will keep you warm. Pair this blouse up with fitted jeans or stretch dress slacks and a blazer or fitted jacket for a fashionable outfit that will get you through the colder winter and fall months.

Light, Elegant Ivory Lace Blouse

Made out of an ivory colored fabric that is a blend of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, this blouse has a very flattering fit that is appropriate for all body types. The sleeveless bodice of the blouse hugs your body's natural curves. Delicate lace detailing wraps around the mid-section to create the appearance of an accentuated waistline. The bottom half of the shirt tapers down from the waistline and has a gentle, free flow to it. The blouse is a full button down top. Completing the look are tiny decorative touches that make this blouse stand out. Decorative touches include lace detailing that starts at the shoulders and wraps around and down the back, a pleated detail added to the front of the bodice, and a rounded scoop neck cut.


Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'7". Chest :34, Waist: 26.
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.