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Ivory Long Sleeve Blouse

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Elegant and simple, this long sleeve blouse is bursting with so much personality and character that it will quickly become one of your favorite pieces in your closet. Everything from the plunging V-cut neckline to the mock crew collar and exaggerated bell loop sleeves takes this elegantly simple blouse and turns it into a piece that you will reach for time and time again no matter if you are dressing up or dressing down for a casual day.

This long sleeve blouse easily transitions from casual day wear to sophisticated evening wear. Slip into a comfortable pair of pants or jeans to run around town looking stylish, yet comfortable and casual. In the evening, swap the pants out for a bodycon skirt and you are ready to turn heads while enjoying an evening out.

Simply, Elegant Ivory Long Sleeve Blouse

This long sleeve blouse is flattering for all body types as it has slightly exaggerated bell loop sleeves. The sleeves create a very flattering silhouette as they end with a slim button cuff. Completing the look of this ivory long sleeve blouse is a loose fit bodice and an elegant mock crew collar.

The polyester material is slightly translucent, which means you will need an additional layer for extra coverage. Why not layer up and add a splash of color to the mix. Wear a brightly colored camisole or tank top underneath the blouse and the V-cut neckline will give you a subtle pop of color.


Model is wearing a size Small. Height 5'6", Chest:38", Waist: 28".
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.