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Light Blue 3 In 1 Leather Shoulder Bag

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Light Blue 3 in 1 Leather Shoulder Bag

A colorful shoulder bag is so much more than a practical accessory used to carry your items. It can instantly breathe a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe. Old outfits that have been worn for years can be revitalized while new outfits will be sure to become favorites when you accessorize with this elegant, colorful light blue 3-in-1 leather shoulder bag.

A 3-in-1 Light Blue Leather Shoulder Bag That Pops with Color

Made out of the finest light blue vegan PU leather, this shoulder bag has an elegance to it while also being built to last. You can confidently use any of these three handbags every day without worrying that the leather will give out or the handbag will start to show signs of wear and tear.

The focal point of this handbag is the large bucket style bag. This bag measures 14" in length, 6.2" in width and 11.3" in height. That gives you enough room to store all your day-to-day essential items. Items stored inside will not accidently spill or fall out as a strong clasp is used to close the bag. An attention grabbing braided bag scarf and pompom brighten up the overall look of this shoulder bag.

The two additional handbags can either be used with the large bucket style bag or on their own. A wallet pouch provides easy access to important cards. It clips to the side of the handbag and securely closes with a clasp. The wallet pouch, which measures 6" x 7", can be used with the bucket bag or attached to other handbags. Simple and chic, the third handbag can be used for additional storage or as a separate handbag for formal occasions. The handbag has no interior pockets and comes with a leather loop handle.