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Light Grey Pom Pom Heels


Life doesn't always have to be super serious especially when it comes to fashion. This pair of open toe strap heels shows a fun, quirky side to the fashion world. Taking a pair of open toe heels and adding a bit of decorative flair, these shoes are for the woman who isn't afraid to try something new.

Given their neutral color and fun pom pom accents, these heels can be worn anywhere where heels would be appropriate. Add a bit of personality to your professional work attire by accessorizing with this pair of open toe strap heels with pom poms. Wear these shoes to a formal event or special occasion and you will instantly become the talk of the town, as people notice you for your fashion forward choices.

Quirky, Yet Super Fun and Fashionable Pair of Open Toe Strap Heels

Fun, flirtatious, and super feminine are just some of the words that can be used to describe these heels. These heels feature a full back that is made out of soft, luxurious light grey vegan leather. The back extends all the way up passed your ankle to provide you with ample coverage. A thin leather strap with adjustable buckle wraps around your ankle.

The fun comes in at the top of the heels. Along the top of the heels, grey and mint colored pom poms have been added. These pom poms add a fun, decorative touch that turns these heels from ordinary stilettos to ultra-trendy, fun accessories.

Practical details on these shoes include a rounded toe on the sole, a padded sole for extra comfort, and a fine, 4" high stiletto heel.