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Natural Blue Stone Necklace


With its stunning natural stone that offers slight variation from one stone to the next, this long beaded necklace offers plenty of color and texture to add interest to your outfits. Despite the simplicity of this blue and white stone bead necklace, you can wear it in different ways to fit your outfits and your changing moods. It can dangle in one long loop, be wrapped around to create a layered effect or knotted at the end to make the knot like your pendant at your chest. The deep blue and bright white designs of the stone look beautiful when you blend them in with darker outfits or have them pop against light ones. This piece looks wonderful against neutrals, as well as blue and orange hues.


A Stylish Blue and White Stone Bead Necklace 

This long, draping necklace adds a lot of natural elegance to your wardrobe. The stones are the highlight of this beautiful necklace. It features 40” of 10mm natural blue stones carved into round beads throughout the length of the piece. The stones are only separated by small knots in the blue thread, which adds to the overall look and provides nice spacing between the stones to focus on each one’s shape and design. Each round bead features a unique design of blue, white and sometimes tan speckles, with subtle variations moving throughout the necklace and providing a natural look. With no closure, you simply pull this long necklace over your head. 


Style & Service 

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