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Natural Stone Pendant


This amazing necklace captures plenty of attention with its stunning stone pendant and the gorgeous beads along the chain. With the unique beauty and prominence of the pendant, you’ll want this piece to stand out by pairing it with simple, unadorned tops. Nonetheless, you could also incorporate this piece into a layered look with flowy pieces or with a jacket. Depending on the clothing you wear with this stone and crystal pendant necklace, it can offer a Boho-chic vibe with the natural stone or it can provide an artistic elegance. You have the option to play it up or down on different days, making it an ideal piece to have in your jewelry collection.

A Unique Stone and Crystal Pendant Necklace

The dramatic stone pendant is the standout of this piece. It features a mesmerizing design of subtle lines and variations within the flat surface. Since the pendant is made with natural stone, each one offers a unique design and color variations. To accent and highlight the stone, artists wrap a fine edge of gold tone around it. This gives a bright, glistening metallic border that adds to the complexity of the greens, browns, whites and blues within the multi-colored stone. This 2-2 1/2” pendant hangs from an 18” gold tone chain that features lovely light grey and clear crystal beads adorning it. You close this handcrafted stone and crystal pendant necklace with the lobster clasp and can extend the length with the 3.25” extender on the chain.