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Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress


Finding a fashion ensemble that is bold and edgy enough to complement your wild, spunky personality can be difficult. Add this shoulderless maxi dress to your wardrobe and you will always have a 'go to' outfit for those days when you want to let your inner wild child out.

The edgier, sexier style of this summer dress makes it a good choice for when you want to really turn heads and get people talking. Perfect for evening walks on the beach, lounging around the pool on a hot summer day, making a good first impression on a dinner date, or making a statement at a gala or semi-formal summer event.

The Perfect Summer Dress for a Risk-Taking Fashionista

This off-the-shoulder maxi dress is ideal for a fashionista who is ready to take a risk and go bold with a head-turning fashion ensemble. From head to toe, this entire summer maxi dress is designed to captivate people's attention. When you wear this summer maxi dress, there won't be a moment when someone isn't looking at you.

Using a fabric that features bold greens, blues, yellows, purples, and reds, the skirt of this dress is the main attraction. The bold colors combined with the overabundance of fabric draws people's eyes to you. A white off-the-shoulder bodice adds a bright splash of color and gives the entire maxi dress a sophisticated touch. The bodice is connected to the colorful floor length skirt.

Adding a fun twist to this dress is the super high cut front slit. When seated the slit can barely be seen as it blends in with the colorful skirt, but when you are walking the slit shows off the hidden white underskirt.

Colorful shoes are the way to go when trying to accessorize this wild, bold summer maxi dress. Red, green, or white sandals, ballet flats, or heels will look great with this dress. Pass on accessorizing with any jewelry and let the dress be the main focal point.


Model is wearing Small. Height 5'7". Chest: 34", Waist: 27", Hips: 37".
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.