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Olive Leather Studded Bag

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Why have a handbag that is only appropriate for one situation? Add this olive leather studded bag to your collection and you will have an amazingly versatile handbag that can be paired up with any fashion ensemble for any occasion.

The unique olive colored leather blends in nicely with a number of fall and winter fashion ensembles. Whether you are dressed in professional business attire for a day at the office, casual wear for a day of relaxing with friends and family, or heading out to an evening cocktail party, this beautiful handbag will add a sophisticated, elegant touch while allowing you to keep your personal belongings close.

Strong, Durable Stylish Olive Leather Studded Bag

Crafted using the finest leather, this studded purse is beautifully designed and extremely durable. The fine textured leather may feel soft and smooth, but it is built to last. Given its quality design, this leather handbag will become a timeless classic that you use time and time again.

Complementing the beautiful green leather color is a series of gold tone studs. Each gold tone stud was placed along the handles, sides of the purse, and the shoulder strap by hand. Inside the handbag a divider is used to create separate sections for your personal belongings.

This purse is designed as a tote handbag, but it easily transforms into a shoulder bag. Just add the included additional strap onto the purse and you will be able to carry the bag on your shoulder.