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Peach Floral Statement Necklace


Gain a fun, feminine and tropical vibe with this gorgeous floral necklace. Its peach tones offer a lot of bright color to your wardrobe, making a sunny day brighter or adding some happiness to a rainy occasion. With its flowers, this necklace has a lot of interest and detail, so it’s best to let it be the centerpiece by pairing it with a simple outfit. Use this peach triple flower chain necklace to liven up sweaters, blouses and dresses. It’s a fun piece to wear to a party or an outdoor occasion, whether you pair it with shorts and a t-shirt or something nicer. This piece could look girly, bohemian or island tropical depending on how you wear it, so it’ll provide plenty of options for accessorizing your wardrobe.

A Fun Peach Triple Flower Chain Necklace

This necklace features a light and fun style with its three flower features that sit on a gold tone chain necklace. Each 2” flower features layers of etched petals in a soft peach hue with a sparkling, faceted clear bead in the center. These floral pieces are solid laser set to stay sturdily in place. The three flowers sit together at the end of the chain, with one slightly below the others to create a bouquet of color and beauty. The large gold tone links of the 16” chain add to the overall sparkle and design of this triple flower chain necklace. This piece will add a lot of detail and beauty to your top, with a 3” extension chain to change the length slightly to fit each outfit.