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Pink A-line Floral Dress


Celebrate the start of a new, cheerful spring season by adding this stylish dress to your wardrobe. Using a fresh, vibrant light pink floral print, this youthful A-line dress will get you ready to be the talk of the town this spring.

Its elegant, graceful cut and style makes this dress appropriate for semi-formal and formal events. All you need is a pair of heels or flat sandals and you will be ready to command attention the minute you arrive at a party or show up for a dinner date. For the adventurous career-minded woman, this dress could even be worn to the office. Add a fitted blazer or a soft cardigan sweater for extra coverage and you will be able to show off your fashionable side while at work.

Don't go overboard with the accessories as it is best to let the chic simplicity of the dress speak for itself. If you really want to accessorize, keep it light and simple by selecting a delicate bracelet or necklace and a pair of stud earrings.

Create a Youthful Spring-Inspired Look with This Light Pink A-Line Floral Print Dress

Little decorative details are what make this dress stand out as a truly unique spring-inspired piece. The first, and most noticeable, decorative detail is the floral print. The floral print just jumps out at you and grabs your attention. This is because the light pink floral print isn't on just one piece of fabric. It is actually printed on two pieces of fabric – the translucent netting and the solid 100% polyester fabric. This creates a popping 3D effect that instantly draws all eyes to you.

Complementing the floral print is a very flattering style and cut. The dress has a fitted bodice with a V-cut neckline. The bodice flows down to a tailored waistline that then tapers out to a flared skirt. Along the waistline the material is pleated to add depth and detail. To finish the look, thin shoulder straps cross in the back to allow you to show off your shoulders and upper back.

Model is wearing size Medium. Height 5'6", Chest 36", Waist 28".

Size Chart: Tailored Slim Fit