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Pink Beaded Bracelet


You’ll think of the dazzling and colorful looks of Bollywood when you set your eyes on this stunning bracelet with its bold colors and tassels. Featuring different shades in the pink and gold families, it offers ornate variation and vivid beauty. With these colors, you could pair this piece with outfits in the same color range, with neutrals or with pink’s complementary color of light green. You’ll have the chance to brighten up many outfits when you add this amazing pink and gold tassel bracelet, whether you wear it for casual or dressy settings. You could pair this piece with simple sweater or blouse outfits, or use it to further glam up dresses and more fashionable ensembles. This bracelet would look amazing with layered and draping styles.

An Ornate Pink and Gold Tassel Bracelet

Layers of color and detail in this piece create a stunning and attention-grabbing bracelet that will add plenty of excitement and drama to your outfits. This piece features many layers of beaded strands, with varying sizes in the beads adding to the texture and interest of the complete look. You’re also sure to notice the vivid shades of pink, including coral, soft pink and bright pink, combined with the sparkle of gold tone beads. To finish the ornate look of this pink and gold tassel bracelet, the beaded strands are decorated with lovely tassels that hang from four strands. These tassels feature dangling strings hanging from shimmering gold tone tops. Slip this stretchy bracelet on whenever you want to decorate an outfit.