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Pink Ombre Tunic


Who knew an outfit could serve as an instant confidence booster? Add this sleeveless pink tunic to your wardrobe and you will have the confidence you need to make this upcoming summer a summer to remember.

When paired up with a fitted skirt, pants, or shorts, this tunic creates an attention-grabbing outfit. For many years, you will remember watching those heads turn as you entered a room, walked down the beach, or attended a casual summer party while wearing this tunic.

A Sleeveless Pink Tunic That Gives a Wardrobe a Confidence Boost

The unique, attention-grabbing design of this sleeveless tunic is what makes it such a confidence booster. The first thing people notice is the bold, vibrant pink color. The tunic appears to have been 'dipped' in pink dye as the bottom hem is a bold, vibrant pink and it eventually fades upwards until it meets the white bodice.

Using a 60% cotton and 40% polyester material, this tunic is super soft and extremely lightweight. The use of a lightweight material allows the tunic to flow with your movements for a head-turning effect. Completing the look are thin back straps that create a very decorative double cross back design and a fun, super stylish asymmetrical hem that is raised in the front and back and longer on the sides.


Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'7". Chest :35, Waist: 26.
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.