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Red Flat Thong Sandals


Bold colors aren't reserved just for the clothing you wear. They can be beautifully incorporated into your footwear. These flat thong sandals are a fun, fashionable way to jump on the bold color bandwagon. Easily paired up with everything from casual summer wear such as t-shirts and shorts to swimsuits and long flowing maxi skirts, these red flat thong sandals are certain to become a favorite.

The subtle pop of red color gives you a lot of flexibility with how you wear these sandals. If you are adventurous they can be worn to give an outfit an eye-catching splash of color. However, if you are one who prefers the neat, polished matched look then these sandals can be paired up with an outfit that has red incorporated into it. 

Make an Outfit Pop with Color by Wearing This Pair of Red Flat Thong Sandals

These sandals may look simplistic, but they are packed with color. The upper strap is made out of soft and comfortable leather that is dyed in a rich, vibrant red color. This brings just the right amount of color to these sandals. The use of soft leather keeps these sandals comfortable as they won't dig into your foot while you wear them.

The footbed of these thong sandals are extremely sturdy. They provide enough support that you don't feel as if you are walking barefoot. The footbed is made out of leather. Along the bottom of the sandal is a slight heel that gives you just a little bit of height.

All leather used on these sandals is vegan friendly leather.