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Royal Blue Caged Bandage Crop Top


Many times we get stuck in our ways when it comes to fashion. This trendy, super fashionable royal blue caged bandage crop top is a great way to bring something new to your wardrobe without taking too much of a risk.

The stunning royal blue color is unlike any that you have seen. This feature alone is enough to brighten up your wardrobe and breathe a breath of fresh air to your fashion collection. Add the modernistic and edgy design and you have a fresh, youthful crop top that will show the world you are fashion-forward.

A Colorful, Edgy Royal Blue Bandage Crop Top

Consider this an edgier version to the traditional crop top. It has subtle keyhole cutouts along the lower hemline that not only gives you the perfect opportunity to show some skin, but it creates a punk rock, edgy look that will capture people's attention. In an effort to balance out the skin showing band, the top has a very subtle V-cut. This provides you with ample coverage that balances out the skin showing cutouts. Even though the V-cut doesn't show too much cleavage, it is designed to elegantly show off your upper torso. Finishing the look are thick shoulder straps.

This bandage crop top is made out of a soft, luxurious fabric that is a blend of polyester and spandex. The spandex gives this crop top just enough flexibility to elegantly mold and shape to your body's natural curves and contours. A back zipper closure makes it extremely easy to get into and out of this crop top.