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Silver Stranded Bracelet


With a modern and ornate style that puts a twist on a simple, traditional silver bracelet, this piece offers plenty of excitement to your wardrobe. It makes an ideal piece to have in your jewelry collection since the silver tone adds glistening color to a range of outfits. The cool tone looks fabulous when paired with black or white, or you could use it to complement various colors. Prominent enough to work as a standout piece on its own, this silver tone layered band bracelet would also pair nicely with a silver tone necklace and earrings, pulling a whole look together. With an ornate quality that’s also simple, this bracelet offers versatility to wear it with simple and elaborate outfits for a range of social and professional occasions.

A Lustrous Silver Tone Layered Band Bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet highlights how much eye-catching beauty can be found in simplicity. This silver tone layered band bracelet features a band of silver tone metal held together with folded metal pieces at each end. The visually appealing quality comes in through the multiple strands of cut silver tone metal throughout the piece, fanning out with beauty. Slimmer strands in the center add a delicate nature to the wider ones at each end. The luster of the silver tone also helps this imported piece stand out and add decoration to a variety of outfits. This simple yet elegant piece is easy to put on and take off by slipping it over your wrist with the opening in back.