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Sleeveless Lace Shirt


Take a simple colored camisole or bra top and add a delicate touch with this sleeveless lace blouse. Completely transparent along the front, this blouse lets you have the delicate decorative detailing of a lace top while giving you the opportunity to showcase the splash of color from the camisole or bra top.

Turn to this lace blouse whenever you want to create a relaxed look that is stylishly chic and just a little bit sexy. This blouse goes great with a figure-flattering bodycon skirt, flared A-line skirt, mini skirt, pair of fitted jeans, or cut off shorts.

A Stylish, Chic Sleeveless Lace Buttoned Blouse That is Used to Create a Relaxed Look

The decorative detail comes from the finely woven lace that is incorporated into the design of this blouse. Fine, woven lace is used to create the front panel and upper shoulder panel on the back. Complementing the fine woven lace detailing is a mesh woven side panel and a solid woven back panel.

Made out of 100% rayon, the blouse is almost completely transparent. The front panel has no lining at all, which means you can see completely through it. The back panel has a transparent upper shoulder section, but the mid and lower back section made of solid woven fabric provides moderate coverage. Given the transparent design, this blouse needs to be worn with a bra top or cami. Button the top all the way up for a polished look or leave a few buttons undone for an open look that is fun, casual and relaxed. 


Model is wearing a Small. Height 5'7". Chest: 34", Waist: 26", Hips: 36".
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.