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Tan Cut Out Wedge

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It is surprising how just a small decorative detail added to a pair of shoes can take them from ho-hum boring and turn them into a trendy and fashion forward accessory. That is exactly what happened with this pair of platform sandals. Instead of having the clunky, chunky block look of traditional platform sandals, these shoes have a few added details that make them look like they just came straight off the runway.

These platform sandals can add extra height to almost any fashion ensemble. They can be worn with professional work attire, casual summer chic outfits, or fashionable formal and semi-formal summer ensembles. If you wish to make a fashionable statement, these platform sandals can help you do so wherever you go this summer.

Ultra-Trendy Beige Cutout Platform Sandals

At first glance, these sandals look like traditional platform sandals. They have a 3.75" heel that adds additional height, a supportive ankle strap, and thick sturdy soles. All of these features are found on traditional platform sandals. It isn't until you look at the side of the sandals that you notice the little details that make them ultra-trendy.

The sides of the platform sandals feature a hollowed out portion in the soles. The hollowed out section is trimmed in gold toned metal to give the shoes a flashy, fashionable touch. In addition to the hollowed out section on the soles, there are tiny cutouts on the side of the faux suede upper portion.

Other details on these platform sandals include an adjustable ankle strap, an open toe design, thick cork-like platform soles, and faux suede material used for both the upper portion of the sandal, the heel, and the straps.