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Tan Leather & Natural Pearl Necklace


Delicate draping and natural elements come together to create a loose, relaxed and beautiful style in this necklace. Its combination of natural materials and neutral cream and brown shades gives it a versatility you could wear with various neutrals and colors. The Boho-chic style adds a casual appeal to this piece to make blouses, sweaters and dresses look relaxed and casual. At the same time, the details and overall appeal show that you put effort into your appearance and your accessories. You have the option to wear this leather and beading wrap necklace in different ways, as it can feature hanging sides with a pendant middle or a layered style with a knot in front.

A Detailed Leather and Pearl Wrap Necklace

Natural materials and an intricate design create a look that will elevate your style. This trendy necklace features brown leather cords tied to a center ring with a beautiful freshwater pearl. The ends of the leather cords feature lines of beads that flow down in gorgeous tassels, with a blend of colors and sizes that adds to the depth and detail. This 56” leather and beading wrap necklace can be worn with a center pendant and the tassel ends hanging down on each side, or you could have a double layer with a front knot transforming into multiple tassels in the center. Either way is beautiful, so you gain plenty of versatility. Plus, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece since each one is handmade in Thailand.