Boho Tops

Boho Chic Tops

Experimenting with new styles is always a lot of fun; bohemian inspired tops at make this possible. We specialize in premier fashion looks with a great selection of trendy designs. There are terrific boho-chic tops that offer a traditional appeal along with stark and stunning details. A highly regarded style in recent years, boho tops are slightly distressed yet cute, providing and effortlessly chic look.

If you’ve been styling yourself in more tailored, conservative looks, it can be pleasantly surprising to see yourself in new fashions. Our diverse boho tunic tops are both unique and versatile. You can use them to create a fun casual look. These are also wonderful pieces to incorporate with semi-formal outfits for a nice dinner or even a concert. All you need to complete the look is a semi messy updo, and perhaps a cute accessory such as the Natural Rose Quartz Necklace.

Pairing with Designer Jeans

You can certainly make a stylish presentation with boho-chic tops and designer jeans. One of the most comfortable choices we feature is the Asymmetrical Soft Knit Cape.It features a furry texture with a creamy white color, accentuated by thin, colorful lines that make a pleasing break in the pattern. It is also available in a deep navy. Paired with any tone of designer jeans you will make quite a statement and stay comfortable for any event.

Accenting Dressy Looks

Sometimes, the magic is all in the details. To take any outfit up a notch, all you need it a great jacket, sweater, or eye-catching pair of shoes. A perfect finishing touch is the Italian Cowl Layered Sweater, featuring multiple layers for a casual, boho vibe. The layered details would look striking with a pair of over-the-knee boots.

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