Women's Shirts

One of our favorite contemporary looks is the women’s long sleeve shirts button down style. Effortlessly suited to dressing up or down, this wardrobe staple is as classic as it is current. To suit your own individual aesthetics and style preferences, we offer a range of styles in a number of patterns, fabrics, and configurations. With a broad selection of designs from which to choose, you’re certain to find the ideal pieces to complete your wardrobe.

Luxe Versatility

What makes women’s long sleeve shirts button down so desirable? For starters, this style is virtually unmatched in terms of effortless chic, and tops in this style tend to be as sexy as they are comfy and down to earth. For cool, yet elegant daywear, pieces like this Green Plaid Flannel Shirt are a natural go-to, while designs like this Button Down Belted Shirt blend the best of elegance and vintage inspiration. Other top picks from our collection of women’s shirts, such as this Sheer Button Down Collar Shirt, transition seamlessly from creative workplaces to evening events.

Find Your Own Style Statement

Whether you prefer a sleek, urban aesthetic or lean more toward comfy and flattering retro looks, our collection offers the perfect selection of women’s long sleeve shirts button down tops for every season. We look forward to helping you perfect your own unique wardrobe with the best women’s shirts to suit your personal style, at the perfect price and with outstanding customer service.