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White Layered Shirt


Be rebellious by adding an elegant, yet edgy sheer button down blouse to your wardrobe. Ultra-modern, this blouse will show the world that you aren't one to conform to traditional fashion trends. Wearing this blouse shows that you are willing to take risks in the name of fashion.

It can be a lot of fun figuring out how to incorporate this sheer blouse into your wardrobe. Extremely versatile, this blouse can be worn loose for a free flowing, edgy look or with an accent belt for a figure-flattering gathered look that shows off your natural waistline. To complete your outfit, you can wear anything from fitted jeans to shorts or a skirt and a pair of slingback heels. 

Give Your Wardrobe an Edgy Makeover with This White Sheer Button Down Shirt

Your wardrobe will receive an edgy makeover when you add this white sheer button down shirt. The shirt, which is made out of 100% polyester, has a very modern, trendy design to it thanks to the asymmetrical front panel and the long, flowing back panel that ends at your knees.

In a subtly sexy twist, the back is made out of a single layer of fabric. This gives you a completely transparent look that is edgy and flirtatious. The front is double lined for a semi-translucent effect. This offers you moderate coverage.

The blouse is designed as a complete button down shirt. It can be worn on its own completely buttoned up or you can unbutton the top buttons and show off a colored cami or bra top. Adding the final touches to this blouse is a decorative folded over collar.

Model is wearing Small. Height 5'7". Chest: 35", Waist: 27", Hips: 36".
Size chart: Regular Tailored Fit.