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White Pinstripe Trim Scarf


A beautifully sophisticated scarf that perfect for an endless number of outfits and looks.The super soft white blend of scarf combined with the striking pinstripe detail ad delicate fringe work perfectly with any color combination.

Throw on this scarf to dress up your simple and neutral outfits, whether you’re wearing a casual look of jeans and a sweater or a dressier outfit. This scarf can drape over your shoulders and steal the show or blend into your look by wrapping it around your neck. You can even wear it under a jacket or winter coat for an extra layer of warmth.

A Sophisticated Women’s White Pinstripe Scarf

A soft white, with a black stitched pinstripe background enhance the look of this luxurious scarf  giving it a classy quality.  It comes in a soft and high-quality fabric blend that makes it feel lavish, while a delicate fringe completes the design.

This Women’s White Pinstripe Scarf is perfect for the classy woman who always like to look perfectly put-together.

Available in one size fits all

Materials: 40% cotton and 60% viscose

Pinstripe pattern and fringe detail tassels