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Women's Navy Shorts


Don't give up your reputation of looking sleek and chic just because the warmer weather has arrived. Add this pair of women's navy shorts to your summer closet and you will have a 'go to' pair of dress shorts that can be worn during warm summer days and nights.

These women's shorts let you stay cool and show a bit of leg while still looking sleek and chic. Easily integrated into your casual wardrobe, professional work attire, or casual chic collect, these shorts can be used to create an appropriate fashion ensemble for whatever event or occasion you need to attend.

Creating an appropriate fashion ensemble is fairly easy. For casual events, you can choose to team these shorts up with a solid colored t-shirt, long flowing tunic, or short sleeve shirt. When you need a more polished, refined look, such as when going to work or attending am outdoor party, you can pair these shorts up with a short sleeve blouse or a t-shirt with a blazer or fitted jacket to create a casual, yet professional and sophisticated look that is appropriate for the summer.

Dress Up or Dress Down with This Pair of Women's Navy Shorts

The unique style of these women's navy shorts allows them to help you dress up or dress down. These shorts are mid-thigh length which provides you with proper coverage while still helping you stay cool. The nevy material is super soft and extremely flexible which helps prevent your movements from being restricted. Even though the shorts have a fitted look, there is enough room around the legs to keep you comfortable.

A wider waist band sits right on your hips. The use of a wider waist band gives you the opportunity to accessorize with a variety of different accent belts. A front concealed zipper, two side pockets, and a clasp/button closure add the final finishing touches to these shorts.


Style & Service  

Are you wondering what else you could style with these gorgeous chic navy shorts? Our style savvy team at Dress Boutique is always ready to help you accessorize or answer any questions you may have about our online ordering process. If you have any questions, please feel free to call between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, or send an email to info@dressboutique.com!