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Yellow Italian Tank Top


In just a few seconds, a splash of yellow color can not only brighten up an outfit, but it can lift your mood and make you feel happier and more cheerful. Add this yellow Italian tailored knit tank top to your wardrobe and you will always have exactly what you need to add a pop of color to any fashion ensemble.

This brightly colored tank top is unique as it can be worn on its own or paired up with other tops and accessories to create some amazing fashion ensembles. The material is solid enough that you can wear this tank top by itself with just a pair of shorts or jeans. If you want to create a layered look, you have numerous options available to you. You can mix and match this top up with short sleeve shirts, button down shirts, tunics, blazers, fitted jackets, vests, and sleeveless blouses to create some stylish layered outfits.

This Yellow Italian Tailored Knit Tank Top is the Perfect Colorful Addition Every Wardrobe Needs

Tank tops are 'must have' pieces for any woman's wardrobe, but their blocky, straight cut tends to clash with many fashion ensembles. Inspired by Italian designs, this tank top has a few stylish twists that make it a piece that is extremely flattering for all body types. The rounded neckline gives you an opportunity to show just the right amount of skin without feeling overexposed. The waist has a tailored cut that creates the illusion of a slimmer and narrower midsection. A longer, lower hemline provides you with more coverage. The material is solid with an additional inner layer on the front and back upper torso so as it can be worn alone. 

Breathability is extremely important when looking for a tank top. After all, you want to look great while staying cool. This tank top is made out of a very fine, soft material that is a mix of 95% viscose and 5% spandex. This material is highly breathable which will keep you comfortable and cool whether you are wearing the top during the summer or to create a layered look.  

This tank top is One Size with plenty of room for a comfortable tailored fit due to the texture and weave of the fabric. One size option tops are designed to only fit from small to large.

Model: Height 5'6", Chest 36", Waist 28".