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Yellow Leather Shoulder Bag


There are certain times when you want to brighten up an outfit with a splash of color, but you don't want to go with a color that is too bold or too over-the-top. That is exactly what this shoulder bag is designed to do.

Made out of a very aesthetically pleasing, crisp yellow colored leather, this shoulder bag will bring the color you want and need to brighten up an outfit without overshadowing your choice of dress, top, skirt or pants. The yellow color makes this shoulder bag a great accessory of choice for fall or winter fashion ensembles, as those typically use darker tones like brown, beige, gold, or rust red.

Beautiful Yellow Leather Shoulder Bag with Plenty of Space for Personal Belongings

You won't be forced to leave stuff behind when you use this shoulder bag. Measuring 24" in length and 16" in width, this shoulder bag has enough space to hold any personal belonging you may want to take with you while on the go. Two inner pockets are placed on the inside of this handbag for additional storage space. An outer front zip pocket provides you with easy access to items you may need to easily grab.

An additional smaller bag comes with this shoulder bag. The smaller bag can be used as a makeup bag or taken out and used as a small, handheld bag.

The outer shell of beautiful handbag is made out of a very smooth textured leather. The inner lining is a smooth, soft velvet. Adding a decorative touch to this handbag is a suede fringe tassel that is attached to the side.


Style & Service 

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