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Zirconia Studded Necklace


Get the glitz and glamor you’re searching for with this stunning, sparkling necklace. Its shimmering stones and gold plating will add a lot of pizzazz and brightness to your wardrobe. You could let the cool-toned clear stones blend into lighter outfits or have them stand out against dark pieces. This beautiful gold and zirconia round pendant necklace hangs low, adding detail on top of sweaters, blouses and dresses. You could use it to liven up daytime looks while at work or out shopping, and transition it to the evening for dates, time with friends and special events. It provides a lot of versatility for those times when you want to show off your style.

An Extravagant Gold and Zirconia Round Pendant Necklace

This extraordinary piece draws attention with the rows of sparkling zirconia bordered by shimmering gold plating. It features a gorgeous 2.5” round pendant with a cutout center. The ring shape features rows of zirconia stones in pave settings to give the beautiful clear stones all the attention. A curved surface on the ring pendant gives the piece maximum sparkle in the light. The upside-down teardrop piece holding the ring is also full of zirconia for added detail and sheen. Gold plated metal alloy borders the stones and makes up the lovely chain necklace, to add warmth and shine to the pendant. This 32” gold and zirconia round pendant necklace can be extended by 3” for added length, and it is made by artists in the USA.